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Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) offer a community of practice in which all members come together as equals to engage in collaborative learning rooted in sharing experiences, knowledge, and practices.

Who Is in Charge of a Faculty Learning Community?

Although Collaborative staff will help moderate and organize individual sessions, FLCs work best when governed and shaped by the interests and questions of the participants themselves. Broad topics—often centered on elements of Trinity’s Pathways curriculum—will be assigned at the start of each semester; however, the shared readings, specific themes and issues, and the final deliverables are all determined by the FLC members.  Members of an FLC will discuss shared readings, consider innovative teaching tools and pedagogical approaches, and collaborate on tangible deliverables that can be incorporated directly into their courses.

How Can I Join a FLC?

The Collaborative provides opportunities to join new and existing FLCs at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Most FLCs last for at least a semester and members should expect to attend 3-4 meetings over the course of a term. Outside of the meetings, FLC members will be expected to complete assignments and readings. Because FLCs depend on active discussion and a close-knit community, most FLCs are limited to 6-12 members. Interested faculty and teaching staff should contact Tom Jenkins (tjenkins [at] to learn more about current and future FLC topics and to inquire about joining a new or existing Faculty Learning Community.