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Collaborative programs are intended to provide more extensive, in-depth, and personalized support than our regular events. Many of these programs encourage a deeper level of transdisciplinary collaboration and conversation amongst faculty of differing ranks. Additionally, several of our programs actively solicit student perspectives as a tool for faculty development and appreciation. 

Collaborative Institutes

Faculty development trainings developed by Collaborative staff. 

Faculty Learning Communities

Topic-based faculty cohorts that meet several times over the course of a semester.


End-of-the-semester opportunity for students to thank professors who have made a difference.

Tigers as Partners

Student-faculty pairs that work together to examine pedagogy happening in the classroom.

Writing Groups

Accountability support for writers at any stage of the process.

Want to Know More?

Please refer to each program's individual webpage for more information about the current offerings.

Questions about our programs may be directed to any of the Collaborative staff.