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Faculty Spotlight

The Collaborative uses the Faculty Spotlight to showcase the new, different, and innovative teaching approaches that Trinity faculty are using in their classrooms.

Trinity faculty are incredibly invested in the experiences and education of their students. They dedicate a significant amount of time and resources into their teaching: revising courses, designing new classes, creating lesson plans, and implementing best pedagogical practices into tangible applications. The Faculty Spotlight allows the Collaborative an opportunity to recognize our impressive faculty members. We also see it as a chance for faculty to be inspired by their colleagues, to encourage collaboration across departments and even disciplines, and to remember our shared commitment to innovative and meaningful teaching.

Click the button to view our most recent Faculty Spotlight and to see our past spotlights.

Know a faculty member at Trinity who is doing different or interesting things in the classroom? Drop our Postbaccalaureate Fellow, Natalie McCray, a line at nmccray [at]!