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Coates University Center

The Coates University Center (CUC) is one of the hubs of campus life at Trinity. Known as the “Living room of the campus”, the CUC is home to many campus events and continuous informal gatherings, the CUC is where students come to hang out, grab a bite, and study. Several offices call the CUC home, including: the Bookstore, the Commons Dining Hall, Student Involvement (SI), the Dean of Students, and the Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success.

Weekly Traditions in the CUC:

Nacho Hour: Wednesdays at 3:33 p.m. (free nachos and aguas frescas)
Happy Friday: Fridays at 12:22 p.m., vocal performances by the AcaBellas and the Trinitones (alternating weeks)

Coates University Center Office:

Student Assistants in the office provide answers to general inquiries and support (set-up, technical assistance) for events hosted in the CUC. The office has a P.O.S. device (or "TigerBucks Machine") that can be checked out to student organizations that request a table or room through T-Space. All transactions must be recorded in the P.O.S. binder.

Hours of Operation (during the academic year)

Monday - Friday:
7 a.m. - Midnight

10 a.m. - Midnight

10 a.m. - Midnight

CUC Student Staff

The Coates University Center (CUC) employs Student Assistants to set up for events, provide assistance to event hosts, and assist with facility management with direction from the building manager. To learn more about this employment opportunity, contact cstallw1 [at] (Jamie Ward), Coordinator for Coates University Center.

Fall 2018 Student Assistants
Andre Do 
Magdalena Blacas 
Halely Yi 
Abe Wang 
Carmen Johnson 
Mykaela Cali 
Gabriella Mudekunye 
Andrea Cruz 
Juan Rueda Ruano 
Jessica Jennings 
Zhenyuan Liu 
Syne Barr

Posting Policy

Student organizations and on-campus departments may bring flyers to the information office to be posted on bulletin boards and cork strips in the Coates University Center (CUC). Each flyer will be date-stamped by student staff and removed once the date advertised has arrived. This keeps the content fresh and maintains the relevance of posted materials. Banners may be posted on the cork strips above the windows on a limited basis after a TSPACE reservation is confirmed. Please consult the CUC student staff (suite 122) if you have questions or concerns.