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CSC Policies

Skyline Use Policy:

Please be advised groups are not allowed to materially alter the configuration of furniture in this space.  If you wish to add or remove tables, chairs, or other furniture and/or equipment, please let CSC staff know in advance of the event and an appropriate fee ($100) will be assessed and paid to facilities to reset the room.  No fee will be assessed if you choose to minimally change the layout (movement of a few chairs/tables), but please return the room to the original configuration after the event. Repeated failure to do so will likewise result in an appropriate fee and/or loss of privilege to utilize the space in the future.  

Reservation and Cancellation Policy:

Here at the Coates Student Center, we work hard to prepare our spaces for your events. You should receive email confirmation of your request within 72 hours of submission. If a confirmation was not sent, then please immediately contact the coordinator (cstallw1 [at], x8891).

For events that need changes after submission, please email the coordinator with your changes. Changes cannot be made past 12 hours before the event starts. Your event may be moved at any time if an administrative department is in need of the space (i.e. President’s Office, Admissions, ect.). In this scenario, the coordinator will attempt to relocate your event and send updated communications regarding any changes.

If your event has been cancelled, please let the coordinator know immediately. Events must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. Student organizations that consistently miss this cancellation deadline will, for future requests, be placed as lower priority than organizations who do meet the deadline. The same rule applies to on campus departments. Please note during certain times of the year University sponsored events from certain departments may take priority.

Posting Policy

On Campus:
Student organizations and on campus departments may post information flyers on bulletin boards and cork strips in the Coates Student Center (CSC) only with prior approval from the CSC office. Representatives should bring flyers to the information office to be approved.  Each flyer will be date-stamped by student staff and removed once the date advertised has passed. This keeps the content fresh and maintains the relevance of posted materials. Banners may be posted on the cork strips above the windows on a limited basis only after a TSPACE reservation is submitted and confirmed. If any flyers or banners are posted without approval, they will be removed and discarded. Please consult the CSC staff if you have questions or concerns.

Off campus:
Commercial enterprises and other off-campus organizations must be expressly authorized by University administration to be on campus. Promotional products and advertising material not affiliated with Trinity University may not be posted or distributed. If found on campus, non-affiliated promotional material will be removed and discarded. The campus newspaper, the Trinitonian, accepts advertisements for off-campus organizations. Email trinitonian-adv [at] or call 210-999-8556 for rates.

Off campus organizations, programs, products, and/or any other material not affiliated with Trinity University may not be posted or advertised on campus. The university newspaper, The Trinitonian, accepts advertisement requests for submission in the weekly paper for off campus materials.  If off campus advertisements are found on campus, they will be removed and discarded.