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Student Billing/ Payment Methods


A student may not attend class until his or her semester bills are paid in full unless other financial arrangements are approved by the Student Accounts Specialist prior to registration. 

Billing Method 

Enrolled students register for subsequent semesters during the currently enrolled semester. For example, if enrolled in the fall semester, the student will register for the spring semester in early November. If enrolled in the spring semester, the student registers for the fall semester in mid- April. 

After the registration period, the Office of Student Accounts generates bills based on the actual hours for which the student has enrolled. The general time frame for billing is as follows: 





Bills Mailed

Early July

Late November


Payments Due     


Late December     

Registration Day     

Payment Methods

The student has two options for payment. Students may pay in full by the due date, or they may make payment arrangements through Academic Management Services (AMS), and optional monthly installment payment plan endorsed by the University. More information about this plan is available from the Student Accounts Specialist at ext. 7392.