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Night Depository

A cash bag depository is available for University activities that occur after normal business hours. It is not to be used in place of regular office deposit practices. Until further notices, contact the Director of Endowments/Student Services for the procedures for night depository. A representative from Campus Security is required to be present for all deposits.

Requirements and steps in utilizing the cash bag depository are as follows


  • University cash-handling policy and procedures must be followed. 
  • Deposits of $500 or more in cash will be escorted to the depository by a Campus Security representative. 
  • Departments without an office safe who wish to deposit lesser amounts should contact Campus Security, and a Campus Security representative will meet the depositor. 
  • During hours of darkness, escort by a Campus Security representative will be provided regardless of the deposit amount. 
  • Lock bags will be required for all deposits. Envelopes will not be accepted. Departments who need lock bags can purchase them from the cashiers at the Business Office. A Cash Transmittal form must be included with each deposit or, for a student organization, a completed deposit slip must be included with each deposit. Blank forms can be obtained from the Cashier's window and reproduced.


  • Call Campus Security (ext. 7070) to be escorted or met at the depository. 
  • Lock bags shall be checked by the depositor and the Campus Security representative to ensure that they are locked and closed. 
  • A Campus Security representative shall unlock the depository in the presence of the depositor and both shall witness the bag being placed into the drum. 
  • Once the depository drum is closed, it shall be reopened to insure the bag has fallen into the safe, and this shall be witnessed by both individuals. 
  • A Campus Security representative shall make a log entry of the deposit, including the identification of the depositor and the bag number. 
  • A Campus Security representative will inform the cashier of the cash bag deposit on the morning of the following business day.