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Controls Over Ticket Sales

Excluding Laurie Auditorium and Jane and Arthur Stieren Theater box office operations

The department director should approve the incidental ticket sales prior to the event, detailing the event, date(s), number of tickets and various prices and forward this in a memo to the Vice President for Finance & Administration for approval if this is the first time the event has been held. The range and quantity of each denomination of tickets must be indicated. If tickets used are in different categories, ticket stock of various colors should be used. For major events, pre-printed ticket rolls or pre-numbered tickets should be obtained for each event. If the departments desires the University cashiers to sell the tickets, a one week notice should be provided to the Business Office, Head Cashier, of the time requirement and if possible, the need will be meet. The department will be charged an average hourly rate with overtime and fringe benefits for using the University cashiers. One person from the department or the University cashier will be designated as the "responsible party" to ensure the reconciliation is done and that all cashiers prove out their fund at the end of the event and return unused tickets. 

A change fund should be obtained from the University cashier and returned at the end of the event. Ticket change funds should only be used for ticket sales. 

Funds, ticket stock, and unused tickets should be secured when not in use. Unused tickets and the ticket reconciliation needs to be retained by the department for verification if desired by the University's Internal Auditor (for those events where the University cashiers sell tickets, these items will be retained by them). 

A log should be established for complimentary tickets, and signed off by the department head at the completion of the event. If stubs are collected by ticket takers, complementary stubs should be annotated as same when issued. 

Within 24 hours after the event, the change fund, and the ticket reconciliation should be turned into the University cashier. Funds should be deposited with the cashier as they are counted. Weekend or night deposits can be arranged by following the procedures outlined in Cashiers Operations, Night Depository

Tickets and cash, until they are returned to the University cashier, should be kept in a locked fireproof cabinet or safe. If a department lacks this secure equipment, contact the University cashiers and they can hold the tickets and cash until the reconciliation is completed. 

After the deposit is made, a receipt should be obtained from the business office and compared to the ticket reconciliation proceeds. A department head should sign off on the reconciliation when completed. Any questions on the above policy should be directed to the Director of Endowments/ Student Services.