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Check Cashing

The business Office has funds available to cash checks for currently employed faculty, staff and enrolled students. 

Checks may be cashed between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, subject to the following limitations and events: 

  • Personal checks are limited to one per day with a $100 limit. University payroll checks can be cashed of they do not exceed $175. 
  • Coin change is available with a $2 limit per day. 
  • A current valid Trinity University identification card is required. 
  • No second-party checks will be accepted except from a student's parents or guardians. 
  • A $25 charge for any check returned by the bank for any reason will be invoked. 
  • Check- cashing privileges will be revoked under the following circumstances: 
    • Faculty/ Staff: If three or more checks are returned, the privilege will be denied permanently. 
    • Students: If one check is returned, the privilege will be denied for the semester. If three or more are returned, the privilege will be denied during the student's entire undergraduate enrollment at Trinity University. 
    • All Employees: Upon notification of termination from the Office of Human Resources, check-cashing privileges will be denied during the final two weeks of employment. 
  • There is no check-cashing activity during published registration periods. 
  • Special hours will be posted for half-days due to approved holidays or special events.