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P-card Procedures & Training

Standard Monthly Cycle

  • Cardholders, or assistants, will collect receipts and documentation throughout the month.
  • Transactions will be processed in PaymentNet throughout the month. Once per week, transactions processed the previous week will be posted to the general ledger.
  • Receipts/documentation will be filed in monthly cardholder statement.
  • Cardholders, or assistants, may download and print statements from PaymentNet beginning the 1st business day of the new month.
  • All PaymentNet account/object code changes must be processed by end of day on the 3rd business day of the new month.
  • Statements will be reconciled against the monthly cardholder envelopes.
  • The budget manager or their delegate will approve (sign) reconciled monthly cardholder statements.
  • Approved monthly cardholder statements are due to the card Administrator the last business day of the new month.

Fiscal Year-end Prepaid Transactions

Fiscal Year-end prepaids include transactions that relate to next fiscal year, but payment is needed now. Eligible transactions include travel arrangements (registration, airfare, expenses paid prior to a trip occurring in the new fiscal year), deposits for events that occurring the new fiscal year, or subscriptions.

  • Email an electronic copy of the receipt to Diana Garcia (cardadmin [at], who will handle the proper account allocation. This should be done ASAP after purchase is made.
    • Include the account number to charge in the new year.
    • Include Justification for the pre-paid expense.

P-card Processing Manual

The p-card processing manual contains everything you need to know about the monthly p-card process and procedures including:

  • Receiving and preparing receipts for processing
    • Filing receipts
  • Processing p-card transactions in PaymentNet
    • Allocating to multiple budget accounts
    • Processing multiple transactions at the same time
    • Creating and saving transaction queries
  • Requesting new accounts and/or object codes for PaymentNet
  • Reconciling statements
    • Downloading statements
  • Requesting journal entries for p-card transactions
  • Requesting account maintenance
    • Default account changes
    • Limit adjustments