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Card Applications

Applications for p-card, department card, and travel card are now processed online. There is no paper form to complete. To complete an application, click the link(s) below for the card type(s) you need and follow the instructions. Please note, you will need to identify a default Trinity budget account number for the card. Please contact the Card Administrator if you have any questions.  

Purchasing Card

  • Issued in the name of an individual.
  • Used for all authorized business expenses.

Department Card

  • Issued in the name of a department or program.
  • Used for authorized business expenses.
  • The applicant is the "cardholder of record" whom will be responsible for the card but may check it out to university employees/students for authorized use.

Travel-only Card (Concur departments only)

  • Only used by departments which have been implemented to the Concur system for travel expenses. Do not apply for this card if your department has not yet been implemented to Concur.
  • The travel card is to be used for travel expenses only. A purchasing card may be applied for separately to use for non-travel business expenses.