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Student Fundraising

HCAD Students Set Expectation to Give Back

Every year, the On Campus Class of HCAD students is given the incredible opportunity to attend Congress for the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) in Chicago in the month of March. The trip is almost entirely funded through the generosity of the HCADAA, with the exception of personal expenses and registration fees. This year, the Class of 2016 made tremendous efforts to raise money to cover the entire class’ registration fees, which amounted to $475 per student ($10,925 total for 23 students).

The Class of 2016 has added a new component to their On Campus experience in the form of “giving back.” To show their appreciation for the generous sponsorship from HCADAA to send the entire class to attend ACHE Congress, Christina Roscoe, Class of 2016 President, and her classmates came up with the idea that they as students should help raise funds to help supplement current and future sponsorship. Fortunately, a total of six students received full scholarships to be program assistants at Congress. With the growing concern that funds available through the HCADAA are rapidly decreasing with each year, HCAD students have ample support from the HCADAA board members to explore fundraising opportunities throughout the San Antonio community and secure needed funds for student aid.

The Class of 2016 did not let much time pass after beginning their semester when they set the expectation high by completing an application with Goodwill Industries to participate in the Goodwill Partners for Good Fundraising Donation Drive. Through her work as a board member at Goodwill Industries, Mary Stefl served as a resource for the students in this first outreach experience. HCAD students helped spread the word about the drive through door-to-door promotion in neighboring areas surrounding Trinity’s campus. The day of the drive was a very chilly Sunday in late February. Students helped collect household items, gently used clothes, books and toys – filling six bins equaling one third of a truck – all in the name of community service and giving back. Although the donation was not enough to warrant a financial reward to the HCAD students on behalf of the future HCADAA support, this opportunity formed a philanthropic partnership with a worthwhile non-profit organization in San Antonio and provided an excellent foundation for future students to follow.

In addition to the Goodwill partnership, the HCAD students sold 15 of the 22 remaining rounds of golf that Trinity received after the HCADAA hosted the All Alumni Golf Tournament on October 10 at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Golf Club. The 15 golf rounds resulted in $975 to help supplement the HCADAA sponsorship of their trip to ACHE Congress.  A total of seven rounds are still available for sale at $65 each. These golf rounds expire on October 13, 2015. If you are interested in purchasing any, please contact Elizabeth Ford BA ’93, MS-HCAD’96 at nford1 [at]

More recently, a group of HCAD students came together on March 28 to join the March for Babies at Sea World sponsored by the March of Dimes as part of the Methodist Healthcare entry. 

The Class of 2016 is definitely making its mark with other service projects and philanthropic efforts which all have great potential to shape future HCAD classes and their cultural experience. In addition to being a positive experience for all First Year students, participating in these types of philanthropy projects has brought the class closer together by exposing them to the many intangible benefits of community outreach and elevating their awareness of empathy and compassion toward others less fortunate in our city. The Class of 2016 hopes that student fundraising will become an expectation for future HCAD classes. These young leaders are well on their way as they have already inspired many! 


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