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Patrick Shay Joins HCAD Faculty

An initial conversation with Patrick Shay B.S. '03, M.S.-HCAD '05, the newest member of the HCAD faculty in the role of assistant professor, helps one appreciate the special connection Trinity graduates can have with their alma mater. 

By Elizabeth Ford B.A. '93, M.S.-HCAD '96

Returning to Trinity in December 2013 was quite natural for Shay, who received both his bachelor's degree in business administration (marketing and management) in 2003 and his master's in health care administration 2005 from Trinity. Although Shay and his family are originally from Pennsylvania, and more recently, Plano, Texas, they have solid and meaningful roots in San Antonio and on the Trinity Skyline campus. Shay's twin brother, Michael, and their older sister, Sarah Shay Pickard, also earned degrees from Trinity, and Shay met his wife, Aubree Lewis, when they were both students here. It is not surprising that Shay would find Trinity an ideal place to jump start a rewarding career teaching HCAD students. 

Shay began his career as an HCAD resident at Warm Springs Rehabilitation System in San Antonio under the guidance and mentorship of preceptor Rick Marek. During his residency, he completed rotations in the system's corporate departments as well as its facilities in San Antonio, Luluing, Victoria, and Corpus Christi. After graduating with a master's, he accepted a position as an analyst in the corporate office at Warm Springs, which afforded additional opportunities for him to grow as an effective leader and hone his marketable skill set. He was promoted to director of quality and standards and, subsequently, accepted the more expansive position of director of operations at Warm Springs. In 2009 Shay and his wife moved to Richmond, Virginia, where they enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and Patrick began his studies for a doctorate in health services organization and research. Aubree completed her doctorate in social and behavior health in December 2013, and Patrick completed his coursework in 2011 and recently received his doctorate in hospital-based clusters in May 2014. 

According to his current research, clusters are defined as local hospital organizations in targeted markets. He is focusing on the different forms and categories clusters take in terms of services, location and types of locations. He is most interested in the wide spectrum of the integration and differentiation of clusters and how they can be measured and evaluated to improve the hospital operations for these markets. 

Shay always valued the quality of his Trinity education and appreciated Trinity's balance between teaching and research. As a new member of the HCAD faculty, he is grateful for the warm welcome he received and the amazing opportunities that have been offered to him. HCAD faculty and staff members have been a great source of encouragement, and their commitment and passion to continual improvement is an inspiration to him. He hopes his unique knowledge and energy will enhance the existing stellar program. He says the transition from student to faculty has been "fun" and he enjoys the opportunity to apply what he has learned through his research. 

Shay teaches Healthcare Organization Theory and Management to the Executive students and Health Services Organizations and Policy II to the On-Campus students. In the latter course, students learn about health policy, population health, and managerial epidemiology, which details how managers lead organizations to treat disease within their health care structures. 

Although spare time is limited these days, Shay enjoys reading, writing movies and sports - he roots for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Antonio Spurs. A talented musician who played trumpet with several Trinity University ensembles throughout his undergraduate years, he now enjoys playing with local musicians or assisting with the music at his church. He and his wife are proud parents of a 2 1/2 year old son, Elliot. 

If you would like to contact Shay, he'd love to hear from you. His e-mail address is pshay [at]

Welcome back to Trinity, Shay!