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HCAD Chair Report

We have had a very exciting semester here at Trinity. As always, we have two great new cohorts of students in the On Campus and Executive Programs. Did you know we have an Executive Program? This is a great program that is designed for individuals working full-time in health care to receive our degree (we are accredited as one program with two delivery modes) through a blended model of both face-to-face time on campus as well as online interaction. Amer Kaissi who is writing more about this program elsewhere in this edition of Aviso was recently named the Director of the Executive Program to help us highlight the value of this program to up and coming health care leaders. If you know someone for whom this might be a good fit, please send them our way.

The students in the On Campus Program have been doing great things this year. Our Second Year students participated in two case competitions this Fall. Shawntae Batiste, Christina Roscoe and Elle VanConia competed in the National Association of Health Service Executive’s annual case competition in New Orleans. There were 25 teams competing. Our team advanced to the final round and placed third in the competition. This is the third year in a row our team has made it to the finals of this competition and I think it speaks to the consistent quality of our students and alumni. Another team competed in the inaugural case competition put on by Baylor University’s MBA program. This is a competition with heavy emphasis on financial and quantitative analysis. There were nine schools who were invited to compete from across the country. Teams included were from University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), UCLA, UC-Denver, George Washington, Xavier, St. Louis U, Baylor, and Trinity. I am very proud to say that the Trinity team (Justin Brewer, Aashini Patel and Hugh Jackson) came in first place. Justin Brewer also received the award for best presenter. Once again, this speaks to the caliber of our students and their commitment to excellence. 

We have also had great successes in the entrepreneurial side of things. This year, Trinity University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship held its first annual Stumberg Prize Competition. The first round of this shark tank-type competition was held in the Spring. Five teams were selected to receive $5,000 toward further developing their innovation. Two of the five teams who made it to the finals were from our program: Livia Istrate as well as the team of Justin Brewer and Thomas Davis. The five teams were competing this Fall in the finals for the chance to win a $25,000 prize.

As you will see elsewhere in this issue, we just celebrated our 50th anniversary as a program. I am very proud and humbled to be a part of such a great program. When I think about what makes our program so special and why we’ve been able to achieve so much when you compare our program to those of much larger and prominent schools, I think the answer is the culture that is here at Trinity. Long before I arrived, the faculty, students and alumni created a culture of true student centeredness. Everything we do is focused on making our students the best leaders possible. This is unusual for an academic department where often the faculty operate in silos not unlike many physicians. What keeps us centered, however, is our connection to you, our alumni. The faculty has the great privilege of seeing the direct impact of what we do on campus by interacting with you through your careers. By observing the difference you make in your organizations and in the communities you serve, we are inspired to make sure we keep our focus on our students. Not only do you directly help us by speaking and interacting with our students, but just in doing your jobs you have an indirect effect on making our program better. So thank you for all that you do and please keep us updated as to what you are doing.

There are many exciting things happening here. I would love to talk further with you about these and all the other happenings. We would love to engage our alumni in creative ways as our program strives to become better and better. Thank you for your support of the program: our alumni are a key component of what makes Trinity special and are critical to our future success.

Edward J. Schumacher
Professor and Chair


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