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Class of 2017 President Report

There is quite the buzz on campus as we approach the end of the Fall Semester at Trinity University. Second Year students are extremely excited and eager to enter the world of health care through their residencies and the First Years are working hard to finish strong in their first semester in the HCAD program. I know I speak for everyone when I say what an amazing experience it has been for all of us, and it has only just begun!

This Fall, the Class of 2016 sent two teams of students to the NAHSE Case Competition in New Orleans and the inaugural Baylor Case Competition in Waco. Both teams excelled, with the NAHSE team placing third overall and the Baylor team winning first place. Not only did this pay off for the students who walked away with some cold hard cash and good experiences, but this has brought national attention to Trinity’s HCAD program, which is without a doubt something to be proud of. We are very proud of our student representatives, and the Class of 2017 will have some big shoes to fill next year. With all of this being said, the Second Year students continue to finish strong in their studies--specifically in the redesigned capstone course where they are getting hands-on, real-life and real-time experiences presenting projects to stakeholders within various types of organizations.

The Class of 2017 hit the ground running when we first met in August by setting up our own meet and greet where we instantly clicked and became a close knit group of friends. Because of this instant friendship, we have been able to feel more at ease in the classroom and more comfortable sharing our thoughts and experiences with our colleagues about various topics. The class is comprised of 26 students who come from many different backgrounds with many different experiences, yet we all share a common interest and passion for health care. We have thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on coursework, the weekly Friday visits and the many distinguished guest speakers and alumni who have come to share their knowledge and expertise. I would also like to mention the bond we share with the Second Year Class of 2016; they have been a great resource for information and have served as good role models for our class.

Congratulations to the Trinity University HCAD program for 50 years of sculpting and inspiring some of the greatest leaders in health care today. What an amazing year it has been for all of us here and outside of Trinity. I know I speak for everyone when I say it has been an honor to be a part of this legacy. As a young careerist, it has been a pleasure to have the opportunities to engage with alumni in order to gain insight and create long-lasting relationships. We look forward to meeting more of you at the events to come.

As the President of the Class of 2017, let me be the first to thank you on behalf of my colleagues and friends for your continued support of the program. We are very fortunate to have such an engaged alumni network and faculty, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

Nick Petro
Class of 2017 President


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