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December 2015

Celebrating 50 Years… 

On October 8 in San Antonio, TX, we were able to gather with an amazing group of health care leaders and alumni to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Trinity’s Health Care Administration Program. The black-tie event was hosted at the San Antonio Country Club with over 260 attendees and raised over $200 thousand dollars to continue the support of our student trips to ACHE in Chicago and the Golliher Scholarship. Attendees ranged from current students to former Duce Award winners, each reminding us of the strength of Trinity University’s Health Care Administration Program.

As President of the Trinity University Health Care Administration Alumni Association, it was my honor and privilege to emcee this milestone event. Danny Anderson, President of Trinity University, shared his perspective and early observations about his new home. The highlight of the evening was a keynote address by former Duce winner and Chairman of Trinity University’s Board of Trustees, Doug Hawthorne B.S.’69, M.S.-HCAD’72. Doug has enjoyed a distinguished career in the health care administration field and continues to give back to Trinity University through his involvement and leadership.

Throughout my career in the health care industry, I have heard countless executives refer to Trinity University’s Health Care Administration alumni as the “Trinity Mafia”. While the term "mafia" may have a negative connotation in many instances, in our case, it is a compliment. The 50th Anniversary celebration was evidence of the close-knit community that has come to define Trinity University’s Health Care Administration alumni. The continued success of our colleagues, the stellar reputation of the program and the caliber of our students and faculty are sure to prolong this legacy for many generations.

Finally, I want to thank all of the alumni, board members, faculty and corporate sponsors for their generous donations and attendance at the event. Through their continued support, we will be able to honor our commitments to the current students and future generations of health care leaders. The “Trinity Mafia” is in good hands and is poised for another fifty years of success.

James (Jim) C. Bohnsack B.S.’97, M.S.-HCAD’99
President, Trinity University Health Care Administration Alumni Association
Vice President, Solution and Corporate Development
Conifer Health Solutions, LLC


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