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Recent Summer Stipend Recipients

The following 30 members of the Trinity faculty have been awarded a summer stipend for Summer 2019. Awards have been recommended by the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and approved by the President. Questions should be referred to dribble [at] (Dr. David Ribble, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs: Budget and Research), ex-officio member of the FDC.

Summer Stipend Recipients - 2019


Dania Abreu-Torres

Rank: Associate                      Department: ML&L

Project Title: Writing in Caribbean: Three Women’s Perspectives on the Hispanic Caribbean

Project Description: I will analyze the novels of three women writers from the Hispanic Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba), focusing on gender, racial representations and authorial voice in order to complete a publication and produce a course syllabus related to the analysis.


Alan Astro

Rank: Professor                      Department: ML&L

Project Title: Yiddish Writings by Élie Wiesel

Project Description:

This project compares Yiddish writings of Nobel laureate Élie Wiesel with works by him in French (along with their English translations). The study focuses on a Yiddish version of the novel Le jour [The Accident] and on differences in writing in Jewish and non-Jewish languages.


Brad Beauvais

Rank: Assistant                      Department: HCAD

Project Title: Dancing with Debt - The Association Between Hospital Financial Leverage and Value Based Purchasing Performance

Project Description: Hospitals are under pressure from changes in reimbursement models tied to improvements in quality of care and must evaluate resource allocation and capital structure to achieve optimal patient outcomes. This study proposes to examine the association between hospital capital structure and Value Based Purchasing performance 


Douglas Brine

Rank: Associate                      Department: ARTH

Project Title: Brazen Splendors: The Art of Brass in the Burgundian Netherlands

Project Description: The book investigates furniture and sculpture cast in brass in the Low Countries during the fifteenth century. It considers the makers, patrons, and audiences of these objects, and examines their forms and functions in the context of the church environments for which they were intended.


Courtney Crim

Rank: Associate                      Department: EDUC

Project Title: The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Walking in Various Environments on Novice Teachers’ Well-Being

Project Description: This study will explore if spending time in natural environments positively affects the well-being (stress, mood, and attention) of beginning teachers. Findings from this study hope to assist novice teachers with inexpensive, easily accessible tools for dealing with the demands of the challenging induction years.


David Crockett

Rank: Professor                      Department: PLSI

Project Title: Returning to Normalcy: The Perils of Restoration Politics

Project Description: The study examines the leadership problems unique to “restoration president”—presidents from the dominant party who regain control of the office after the departure of a minority party president. Examples include Trump following Obama, Bush following Clinton, Kennedy following Eisenhower, and Harding following Wilson.


Jessica Halonen

Rank: Associate          Department: ARTH

Project Title: Relics and Incidentals (Helicopters, snowflakes and the sky)

Project Description: Relics and Incidentals (Helicopters, snowflakes and the sky) will integrate art with historical scientific inquiry through a series of paintings that reflect on atmospheric conditions and the observation of the sky. Central to this project will be: the cyanometer, a tool used to measure the blueness of the sky; photographs of snow crystals; and a mechanical sketch of a helicopter my father carried with him during his deployment to Vietnam.


Jinli He

Rank: Associate          Department: ML&L

Project Title: The Issue of Modernization and Westernization in Chinese Philosophy: Case Study of the Early 20th Century

Project Description: Through a case study of different interpretations of Chinese and Western philosophy by Wang Guowei (1877-1927) and Gu Hongming (1857-1928), this project aims to explore the complicated condition of philosophical modernity in the early 20th century China.


Frank Healy

Rank: Professor                      Department: BIOL

Project Title: Dynamics of bacterial flagellar motility in fluid environment transitions

Project Description: A current open question in the field of host-microbe interactions concerns the behavior of swimming bacteria in complex non-Newtonian fluids. This work proposes to experimentally address how gradients of complex fluids affect the swimming dynamics of flagellate bacteria.


Andrew Kania

Rank: Professor                      Department: PHIL

Project Title: Philosophy of Western Music: A Contemporary Introduction

Project Description: This will be the first comprehensive introductory textbook on the philosophy of Western music that takes account of the recent explosion of interest in popular and “impure” (i.e., not purely instrumental) music, covering topics such as emotion, form, value, performance, recording, improvisation, and music’s definition.


Sarah Beth Kaufman

Rank: Assistant                      Department: SOAN

Project Title: To Be Honest: Voices on Islam from an American City

Project Description: An edited book manuscript about the role of Islam in American politics will be completed. Based on research conducted by three Trinity faculty during the 2016 presidential campaign, To Be Honest showcases a documentary theatre project that resulted, along with original essays in sociology, anthropology, communications, theatre, and religion. It provides academics and interested publics a way to engage in a difficult topic, bringing together the real words of Americans from all faiths and political leanings.


Patrick Keating

Rank: Associate                      Department: COMM

Project Title: Film Noir and the Arts of Lighting

Project Description: This book situates film noir within the surrounding cultures of lighting in the postwar U.S., considering the cultures of portrait photography, painting, pulp illustration, hard-boiled literature, interior design, and street photography. The summer’s research focuses on glamour photography in The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946).


Lawrence Kim

Rank: Professor                      Department: CLAS

Project Title: Resisting (Roman) Classicism: ‘Asian’ Oratory in the Second Sophistic

Project Description: I will complete an article positing that the adoption of non-classicizing styles by certain Greeks under the Roman Empire should be seen as an act of resistance against both the dominant classicism of their contemporaries and the political and cultural imperatives of their Roman rulers.


Kah-Chung Leong

Rank: Assistant                      Department: PSYC

Project Title: Emotional Modulation of Addiction

Project Description: This project investigates how stress facilitates the acquisition and relapse of addiction behaviors in a rat model. The upcoming summer period will be critical for establishing behavioral paradigms, training students in important techniques, and collecting data to build strong foundations for future studies.


Kenneth Loiselle

Rank: Associate                      Department: HIST

Project Title: Freemasonry and the Catholic Enlightenment

Project Description: I will investigate the degree to which eighteenth-century Freemasonry drew from Catholicism in creating their rituals. I will analyze a corpus of over a dozen ritual manuals that I uncovered during a research trip. Such an inquiry contributes to the burgeoning field of Catholic Enlightenment studies.


Kelly Lyons

Rank: Associate                      Department: BIOL

Project Title: Assessing the Role of Restoration and Fungal Endophytes on Grass Species Fitness

Project Description: Fungal endophytes are known to mediate plant-plant interactions but their contribution to invasive species dynamics are poorly understood. In 2019, Dr. Lyons and her students will conduct investigations on fungal endophytes in Texas grassland species.


Nicole Marafioti

Rank: Associate                      Department: HIST

Project Title: Crime and Sin in Anglo-Saxon Law

Project Description: This monograph considers how crime and sin were regulated in ninth- and tenth-century English law. Although punishments for secular and spiritual offenses often overlapped in this period, this book contends that differentiating categories of wrongdoing was in fact a priority for early English lawmakers.


Jacquelyn Matava

Rank: Assistant                      Department: MUSI

Project Title: On the Matter of Art Song

Project Description: The objective of this project is to create a database that organizes classical art song by subject matter. The information gathered in this database will be particularly useful to professional singers, collaborative pianists, vocal coaches, voice teachers, and students, all of whom prepare or help others prepare art song recital.


Brian Miceli

Rank: Professor                      Department: MATH

Project Title: Generalized Invertible Sequences

Project Description: We aim to generalize Milne’s result on inverting triangular sequences, and use this generalization to better understand some canonical, mathematical objects.


Hoa Nguyen

Rank: Associate                      Department: MATH

Project Title: Bacterial Chemotaxis Near Smooth Surfaces: Novel Simulations and Experiments

Project Description: The hydrodynamics of bacterial chemotaxis will be explored near a smooth surface using the method of images for regularized Stokeslets and direct imaging of cell motility. The incorporation of simulations and experiments will shed light onto the initial phase of cell aggregation in biofilm formation.


Peter O’Brien

Rank: Professor                      Department: PLSI

Project Title: Islamophobia and Europhobia in Cyberspace

Project Description: The proposed project examines Islamophobia (fear of Islam) and Europhobia (fear of Europe/the West)) in cyberspace. The study investigates the hypothesis that, despite their mutually expressed antipathy, Islamophobes and Europhobes use remarkably similar strategies in the production and dissemination of their hateful propaganda.


Kathryn O’Rourke

Rank: Associate                      Department: ARTH

Project Title: Archaism and Humanism in Modern Architecture

Project Description: Archaism and Humanism in Modern Architecture examines eight major works of twentieth-century architecture as case studies to understand the ways that several of the century’s foremost architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, responded to the titanic shifts of the 1935-1965 period formally and intellectually to create some of modernism’s most challenging and significant buildings.


Chris Pursell

Rank: Professor                      Department: CHEM

Project Title: Examining Metal—Support Interactions in Gold Catalysts

Project Description: We are proposing new studies examining the metal – support interaction in gold catalysts associated with the reduction of the support induced by adsorption of carbon monoxide and hydrogen on the gold nanoparticles.


Ricardo Santos

Rank: Associate                      Department: ECON

Project Title: The Champions League, Bosman Rule, and Competitive Balance in Domestic European Football Leagues

Project Description: This is a project about competitive balance in sports. The expected output is an economic paper that addresses the effects of the Champions League and the Bosman Rule in Competitive Balance of Domestic European Football Leagues.


Michael Schreyach

Rank: Associate                      Department: ARTH

Project Title: Barnett Newman’s Totality

Project Description: A study of the painter Barnett Newman’s resistance to his inclusion in a 1965 exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The episode reveals a conflict between the politically radical impetus of his work in the 1940s and its popular but depoliticized reception in the Cold War period.


Benjamin Sosnaud

Rank: Assistant                      Department: SOAN

Project Title: Socio-economic and Racial Inequalities in Infant Mortality in U.S. Counties

Project Description: This project will explore how socio-economic and racial inequalities in infant mortality vary across U.S. counties. I will evaluate the extent and magnitude of variation in inequality and analyze the role of medical system institutions and other contextual factors in predicting cross-county differences.


David Spener

Rank: Professor                      Department: SOAN

Project Title: “Solidarity of the Latinx Arts Community with the Chilean Democratic Resistance in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1973-1990”

Project Description: Investigation of the political and cultural acts of solidarity with Chileans resisting the Pinochet dictatorship in the 1970s and 1980s taken by members of the Latinx arts and music community in the San Francisco Bay Area, where many Chilean exiles settled following the military coup in 1973.


Chad Spigel

Rank: Associate                      Department: RELI

Project Title: Duke University Galilee Database

Project Description: The goal of this project is to create an open-access digital database and website for unpublished materials from five excavations in Israel sponsored by Duke University from 1970-2001. The website will provide companion “volumes” for the print publications.


Jennifer Steele

Rank: Professor                      Department: PHYS

Project Title: Surface plasmon enhanced Forster resonance energy transfer using gold nanogratings

Project Description: This project seeks to take advantage of the optical resonances of gold nanometer-sized structures to enhance the sensing abilities of paired fluorescent molecules, expanding their use to numerous biological and chemical systems such as protein folding.


Brady Ziegler

Rank: Assistant                      Department: GEOS

Project Title: Comprehensive assessment of trace element mobilization in a petroleum contaminated aquifer

Project Description: This project will assess the fate and transport of naturally occurring toxic trace elements in a petroleum-contaminated aquifer that are mobilized by biogeochemical activity, helping to provide a holistic assessment of water quality and human health threats resulting from oil spills.