Department Chairs

This web site for academic Department Chairs provides guidance on many tasks, duties, policies and procedures. It is also intended to give chairs a sense of their roles and responsibilities and information about the timing of various activities that occur throughout the academic year.


You will find that as a Chair, you will wear many hats and serve multiple audiences, but they will generally fall into two categories. You are the representative and spokesperson for the department, interacting with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, other university administrators, alumni, parents, and students on relevant departmental issues, including curriculum, personnel, and budget. You are also an administrator who is expected to be familiar with established college policies, such as those in The Faculty and Contract Staff Handbook and are responsible for representing the University to various stakeholders.

This website is a dynamic, electronic document that continues to evolve. We hope it will serve as a basis for continued improvement as it is used and expanded by Department Chairs. We welcome your suggestions on other materials for inclusion that will better serve your needs.

  • Department Chairs Meetings & Retreats.  Department Chairs meet monthly in a meeting convened by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The meetings are typically held on the first Monday of the month at 4:00 pm in the Waxahachie Room. Information about the timing and location of periodic Chairs’ Retreats are circulated in advance.

  • Online Resources for Department ChairsTo share information with Chairs in an efficient manner, the Office of Academic Affairs maintains an online Google Folder with helpful documents and the Department Chair’s Manual. Contact Lisa Jasinski, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs if you need a copy of the link. These online resources address topics such as:

    • General roles and responisibilities of a department chair
    • Common student issues
    • Preparing budget requests and managing resources
    • Preparing effective departmental assessments and rports
    • Recruiting and hiring new faculty
    • Calendars and deadlines
    • Strategies to build a supportive and functional departmental culture

Academic Department Chairs (2018-2019)

The following individuals will serve as academic department chairs for the current academic year. This list is updated periodicially to reflect staffing changes.

Art and Art History

Kate Ritson


Jonathan King, Summer 2018, Spring 2019

Kevin Livingstone, Acting, Fall 2018

Business, School of

Robert Scherer, Dean


Julie Persellin

Business Administration

Charlene Davis

Finance and Decision Sciences

Jorge Colazo


Chris Pursell

Classical Studies

Tim O’Sullivan


Jennifer Henderson

Computer Science

Yu Zhang


David Macpherson


Norvella Carter, Interim Chair

Laura Allen, Interim Co-Chair

Engineering Science

Farzan Aminian


Claudia Stokes


Kathleen Surpless

Health Care Administration

Edward Schumacher


Carey Latimore

Human Communication and Theatre

Andrew Hansen


Chris Nolan


Roberto Hasfura

Modern Languages and Literatures

Bruce Holl


David Heller


Steven Luper

Physics and Astronomy

Dennis Ugolini

Political Science

David Crockett


Jane Childers, Summer and Fall 2018

Carol Yoder, Acting, Spring 2019


Rubén Dupertuis, Summer and Fall 2018

Sarah Pinnock, Spring 2019

Sociology and Anthropology

Jennifer Mathews


Interdisciplinary Major Chairs (2018-2019)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Frank Healy and Laura Hunsicker-Wang, Spring 2019 

Corina Maeder, Acting, Fall 2018

East Asian Studies at Trinity (EAST)

Josie Liu, Acting, Fall 2018

Stephen Field, Spring 2019

Environmental Studies

David Ribble

International Studies

Nanette Le Coat

Mathematical Finance

John Huston


Kim Phillips

Urban Studies

Christine Drennon


Interdisciplinary Minors and Other Programs (2018-2019)

African American Studies

Kimberlyn Montford and Carey Latimore

American Intercultural Studies

William Burke

Arts, Letters, and Enterprise (ALE)

Carl Leafstedt and Jacob Tingle


Cabral Balreira and Kevin Livingstone

Communication Management

Charlene Davis

Comparative Literature

Heather Sullivan


Luis Martinez

Film Studies

Patrick Keating

Health Professions Advisory Committee

James Shinkle

Languages across the Curriculum (LAC)

Rocio Delgado and Diana Young


Jane Childers

Mexico, the Americas, and Spain (MAS)

Rita Urquijo-Ruiz, Interim

New Media

Aaron Delwiche

Scientific Computing

Saber Elaydi

Sport Management

Jacob Tingle

Women’s and Gender Studies

Jenny Browne