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Faith Formation and Pastoral Counsel

Schedule a time to meet with Chaplain Serna-Wallender.

Trained in pastoral care, Chaplain Serna-Wallender engages individuals within the context of the spiritual dimension of life. He is available to all members of the college community of any faith tradition, or none at all, to offer confidential spiritual direction and pastoral counsel. He can also assist individuals in reflecting on whether counseling with a clinically trained therapist might be helpful.

Meditation garden at Parker Chapel

When should I seek pastoral counsel or spiritual direction?

  • When you'd like a listening ear or sounding board to talk to and pray with you about matters that concern you.
  • When you're trying to search out next steps in your sense of career direction or sense of calling.
  • When you're being claimed by exciting, scary questions about your religious beliefs and convictions.
  • When you're caught up with grief at the loss of someone you love.
  • When you'd like to reflect on important relationships in your life, with parents or siblings or a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • When you're pondering important decisions or choices, and want to think through their connections to your faith and values.
  • When you're struggling with issues related to abuse: emotional, physical, or sexual.
  • When you're brainstorming how to help a friend who is struggling.
  • When you are thinking about your sexuality (including sexual orientation) and how it relates to faith or scripture.

(thanks to the Davidson College Chaplaincy, from whom this page's content was adapted)