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Speaker and Lecture Series

Trinity University fosters a culture of rich intellectual debate, discourse, exchange, and mutual learning by creating:

Opportunities for Scholars to Visit Trinity

Trinity University boasts a richness of cultural opportunities – lectures, musical and artistic performances, extra-curricular activities for students, and athletic events – that is especially impressive for a University of our size. View the calendar of upcoming events here.

Endowment resources and one-time gifts enable Trinity to host many of the thought-leaders of our time through series. Learn more about the Trinity Lecture Series and Visiting Scholars. 

Opportunities for Trinity Faculty to Share Their Ideas and Expertise

Trinity University showcases the achievements and research research, scholarly activities, and creative activities of Trinity faculty and staff through on-campus, virtual, and community events.

  • Common Learning Experiences in the First-Year Experience (FYE) as one of the signature elements of the Pathways curriculum, the FYE promotes an interdisciplinary exploration of topics of widespread and enduring significance. Faculty regularly give lectures and presentations as part of the FYE’s Common Learning Experience.

  • Faculty Research Dinners present an opportunity for faculty members to present their research and have a discussion with faculty colleagues from all areas of the University in an informal context. The event begins with a reception, followed by dinner, and a brief presentation accompanied by questions.

  • High Noon Luncheons. Trinity’s Collaborative for Learning and Teaching sponsors an ongoing series of noon-time presentations and discussions to highlight learning and teaching at Trinity. These faculty-led, peer-to-peer exchanges provide an informal setting to discuss work-in-progress, solicit feedback, highlight pedagogical strategies, review research on learning and teaching, and more. Past presentations are recorded and archived online.

  • The Food for Thought Lecture Series provides faculty speakers with the opportunity to step out of the classroom and share their ideas and discoveries with a public audience. Events are held on campus and in the greater San Antonio community. Information about events and ticketing is available from the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations.

  • Learning TUgether Podcasts, Webinars, and On the Road TUgether provide avenues for lifelong learning for students, parents, and alumni all over the world. Faculty, staff, and alumni provide content for great conversations and opportunities for professional development.