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Promotion, Tenure, and Faculty Evaluation

Evaluation of Full-Time Faculty

The Faculty and Contract Staff Handbook has established policies and processes related to the review of full-time and part-time faculty. Each year, all full-time faculty participate in a merit review process in order to:

  • Help each faculty member set short and long-term goals that are realistic and concrete in the areas of teaching and advising, scholarship/artistic achievement, and service.
  • Provide a basis for reviewing/assessing past performance, professional development and growth in light of the established needs of the Department and University,  
  • Supplement and, in some cases, quantify information provided in the faculty member’s curriculum vitae for decisions which impact salary, promotion, and other faculty benefits.

In preparation of the merit review process, full-time faculty members complete the Summary of Proposal Activities Form (SPA) and submit it to their Chair by the announced deadline. Forms can be accessed here:    

  • Full-Time Faculty (updated 2017) [Word Doc]
  • Department Chairs (updated 2017) [Word Doc]
  • Directors of Interdisciplinary Majors (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Environmental Studies, Mathematical Finance, International Studies, Neuroscience, and Urban Studies) (updated 2017) [Word Doc]

In addition to the annual merit review process described above, during the probationary period, tenure-track faculty also undergo formal and informal reviews by their department. Tenure-track faculty should consult their Department Chair to discuss the timeline and process for these reviews.

Visiting full-time faculty members who taught in the Fall semester but will not be teaching at Trinity in the next academic do not need to complete an SPA but will be evaluated for their Fall teaching using the part-time faculty evaluation form and review process.


Evaluation of Part-Time Faculty

Department Chairs evaluate all part-time faculty in their department every semester. Upon reviewing teaching evaluations for the previous semester, Department Chairs submit the Part-Time Faculty Evaluation Form to Dr. Duane Coltharp, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs: Curriculum and Faculty Development.


Information about the Promotion and Tenure Process

The Commission on Promotion and Tenure has both an evaluation role and an oversight role. The primary oversight function is that the Commission will participate, jointly with the Administration, in the review of departmental and library promotion and tenure criteria and procedures. The Commission on Promotion and Tenure reviews every candidate for promotion and/or tenure and makes a recommendation to the President of the University. In making its review and formulating its recommendations, the Commission shall have as its primary concern the maintenance of fair and objective standards for peer-review decisions across the University. Additional information about the Commission can be found in The Faculty and Contract Staff Handbook (Chapter 2: Faculty Governance Structure). The Commission on Promotion and Tenure holds two open meetings per year -- in April and August -- to discuss the promotion and tenure process, criteria, and suggestions for presenting materials. Each year, the VPAA holds presentation for tenure-track faculty on preparing a promotion and tenure file.

Early career faculty members are encouraged to refer specific questions about the promotion and tenure process and the schedule and criteria for formal and informal reviews to their Department Chair.        


Members of the Commission on Promotion and Tenure (2018-2019)

Commissioners are elected to serve a three-year term to represent their Academic Group, as described in The Faculty and Contract Staff Handbook.

Dr. Deneese Jones, Vice President for Academic Affairs (non-voting)

Group 1: Curtis Swope, ML&L
Group 2: Sarah Pinnock, RELI
Group 3: Benjamin Harris, LIBR
Group 4: Kelly Lyons, BIOL
Group 5: Peter Kelly-Zion, ENGR
Group 6: Amy Stone, SOAN
Group 7: Kim Robertson, BADM

Congratulations to the individuals who were promoted or earned tenure in 2019!

The following faculty members have been awarded tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor: 

  • Dr. Rosa Aloisi, Political Science
  • Ms. Alexandra Gallin-Parisis, Library
  • Dr. Mario Gonzalez-Fuentes, Business Administration
  • Dr. Heather Haynes Smith, Education
  • Dr. Jason Johnson, History
  • Dr. Rachel Joseph, Human Communication and Theatre
  • Dr. Josie Liu, Communication

The following have been promoted to full professor:

  • Dr. Laura Hunsicker-Wang, Chemistry
  • Dr. Patrick Keating, Communication
  • Dr. Kelly Lyons, Biology
  • Dr. Patricia Norman, Education
  • Dr. Maria Pia Paganelli, Economics
  • Dr. Amy Stone, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Dr. Rita Urquijo-Ruiz, Modern Languages and Literatures